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A methodology is a mechanism to obtain guidance and consistency throughout a project.  A methodology should be helpful, not overbearing, clear and concise not overwhelming and unambiguous.  The objective of a methodology is to assist a project team through an expeditious and successful implementation.  Mosaic Data Solutions uses a simple, straight forward methodology that has proven to successfully guide project teams through the many stages of a project.  The Mosaic Implementation Methodology (MIM) has been developed to allow customers the flexibility to tailor an implementation project to meet their specific needs, while still providing the structure and guidance required to successfully implement the Mosaic 21 Applications.

The Mosaic Implementation Methodology consists of the following phases:


  • Organize the project team
  • Create a high-level project plan
  • Define the scope


  • Analyze the Business Processes Affected
  • Define Initial Setup Assumptions
  • Define Requirements


  • Finalize Setup
  • Finalize Re-Engineered (To Be) Business Process Flows
  • Create Conversion / Interface Technical Specifications
  • Create Enhancements Technical Specifications
  • Finalize Access Security Definitions
  • Define Milestones
  • Develop and Unit Test
  • Produce System or Integrated Testing Plan, End User Training Plan and Production Implementation Plan
  • Production Test


  • Configure Production Environment
  • Convert Legacy Data
  • Conduct End User Training
  • Establish End User Support Channels
  • Perform Production Cut-Over


Once your system is functioning in a production environment, you will move into the support phase.  Mosaic Data Solutions' technical support team will provide answers to questions and technical and operational support for your Mosaic 21 Applications.

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